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Houston Starblazers


 Home Ground: Dimension X Stadium

 Country: Hong Kong (formerly USA)

 Manager: DWW231

 Founded: 24th October 2008

 League: Division III

 Group: 12

 IGTWCC Best: Debut

 Favourite Squad Member: 

 Bio: DWW231 has agreed in principle to Hong Kong government to relocate the Houston Starblazers to the New Territories of Hong Kong in a New Stadium and growing Rugby Empire Nation.. The Terms of the Deal were not released but sources close to the team estimate the deal worth 10's of millions.. This is a sad day for the city of Houston who have had a love hate relationship with the ups and downs of the the club.. As Season 9 comes to an end the Starblazers will be packing their bags for a whole new way of life on a whole new continent.. 

 (Story courtesy of Houston Starblazers press office)