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Stirling Blues RFC


 Home Ground: The Blues Barn

 Country: Canada

 Manager: ashaw62

 Founded: 9th January 2010

 League: Division III

 Group: 11

 IGTWCC Best: Debut

 Favourite Squad Member: Dominic Drennan - flyhalf

 Bio: A club from small-town Ontario, Canada, the Stirling Blues are a developing side on the Canadian landscape. Having over-achieved in season 9 (final 16 of the cup, 3rd in league, 6th in Canadian Super 14/Wolf Cup), the Blues have burdened with the weight of expectation is Season 10. However, this being only their third season of existence, manager ashaw62 is realistic about their chances. 
"We hope to compete for the league title this season and have a decent run in the cup. With the Super 14 shifting times, we don't know what to expect. Our success there last season was based off of our strength in depth. Since this year will involve top squads going head-to-head, we can't expect too much in that competition.

"The IGTWCC is even more of an unknown. Our world ranking has be based largely off of our league and cup matches in Canada, which doesn't take into account the relative strength of teams around the globe. Since the IGTWCC groups are tiered, we should be playing teams close to our level, but that doesn't guarantee that the rankings are accurate. The IGTWCC also offers the added twist of not knowing what team your opposition will field. Given that the Blues have a commitment squad depth and equal playing time, we will be fielding different combinations of players throughout the campaign. Whether our opponents do the same is an interesting question. I think our overall depth should see us through to the playoffs, but this competition is a mystery for us and I don't want to count the chickens before they hatch so to speak.

This attitude bodes well for the future of the Blues. And with a focus on developing great Canadian players the squad will be looking to make a name for itself on the international stage this season.