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The teams below participated in the IGTWCC XI (Season 20)
Cup Group 1
Rab Ragbi Klub (CRO)
Targaryen (ITA)
Night Runners (NZL)
Woodward Chile (CHI)
Beginners Mind (SCO)

Cup Group 2
Shanghai All Reds (HK)
Onef (ITA)
ShrimperZone RFC (ENG)
Puss In Boots (RSA)
Kiwi Overstayers (ENG)

Cup Group 3
Louder Athletics (ITA)
Hammer And Sickle (RUS)
Hammers (NAM)
Battai Bátor Bulldogok RK (IE)
Birmingham Tigers (ENG)

Cup Group 4
Steelhead RFC (CAN)
Bizzarus XV (ROM)
Norse Vikings (NZL)
Stargazers (ITA)
The Titans (ENG)

Plate Group 5
Les Bandits Manchots (FRA)
Stuckley RFC (ENG)
Paranoid Androids (ENG)
Archie Monty RFC (ENG)
Odd Shaped Balls (ENG)

Plate Group 6
Changwon Pumas (SK)
MagnaRomagna (ITA)
RC Rahova (ROM)
Alpha Company (SCO)
Partick Crusaders (SCO)

Plate Group 7
Basingwerk RFC (WAL)
Cornish Vikings (ENG)
Flints RFC (ENG)
3ème Age (IVC)
FearlessFew (RSA)

Plate Group 8
Sumas Storm (CAN)
Torelli Sudati (ITA)
Pippero's (ITA)
Darryls Duudes (SCO)
Cipete Bulldogs (AUS)
Bowl Group 9
Tr076 (IRE)
Sylvania Warriors (AUS)
Busan Marauders RFC (SK)
Red Nagas (SK)

Bowl Group 10
Neanderthals (ENG)
Wirral Wolves (ENG)
Ivans Warriors (RSA)
Badgers (RSA)
Dragoon (ITA)

Bowl Group 11
Flat Earth Society (WAL)
Bob's Bruisers (ENG)
Mohicans (RSA)
Nafta (ITA)
Cantebury Of Carugate (WAL)

Bowl Group 12
Delta (RUS)
Puff Adders (ENG)
Ignoranti (ESP)
Mc Lovin (NAM)
Ramblers FVG (ITA)

Shield Group 13
Badenoch Banshees (SCO)
Cobblers (CAN)
Catalan Exiles (HK)
You've Been Outbid (SK)
StoneCold Legion (ZIM)

Shield Group 14
Earth (ENG)
Taco (NLD)
Gris Rugby Club (CAN)
Team Gomez (IVC)
Norfies (IVC)

Shield Group 15
Sochi RC (SCO)
Athboy (IRE)
Black Swamp RFC (USA)
Caprica Buccaneers (BEL)
Besagne Olympique (BEL)

Shield Group 16
Taidors Black Cats (AUS) 
Teachers (IVC)
Silures (WAL)
Ellesmere Eels (NZL)
Shao Lin Sharks (ENG)
Vase Group 17
Jonny2hats (ENG)
Grunions (USA)
Silverbacks (NAM)
Wannabees (RSA)
13th Legion (ROM)

Vase Group 18
Valhalla Valkyries (CAN)
Hadestown RFC (NZL)
Mount Reynold (ITA)
Team Congo (PI)
Kiwi Understayers (PI)

Vase Group 19
Subterranean Homesick Aliens (SK)
Weymouth Bay Sharks (ENG)
Seoul City Dragons (SK)
Tigers Rugby Club (SK)
Victoria Newcastle (GER)

Vase Group 20
Gouna Goons (RSA)
Grinders RFC (GEO)
Black Stallions (HK)
Den Haag Scots (NLD)
Ricky Town (HK)

Plaque Group 21
Jeet Kune Do RFC (HK)
Archie Monty RFC Abroad (PI)
Basingwerk Exiles RFC (HK)
Gryphons RFC (RSA)
High Diamonds (SK)

Plaque Group 22
Woodward Uruguay (URU)
Orange Silures (NLD)
Barbat (P.I)
Wolf Rugby Club (CRO)
Samsung Pumas (RUS)

Plaque Group 23
Bulldogs RFC (HK)
NHS Eagles (HK)
Flints Canucks (CAN)
Too Long (NLD)
Wings Avengers (GER)

Plaque Group 24
The Higgs Bosons (HK)
Joker United (GER)
The Mighty Fenrisulfr (RSA)
Wynberg St. Johns (NAM)
Paradise Bay Tassies (AUS)