After the group rounds the teams finish in the top 4 places, move forward to the knockout rounds, with the grand finals being in week 14.

The top 2 teams in each group will earn home games in knockout round 1, but the 1st place team also earns a home fixture in the Quarter Finals, as a reward for topping their groups. Their opponents will be drawn at random from the teams who finished 3rd & 4th place.

S23 Updated Ruling
From S23 Onwards, after the knockout rd has been completed, the teams who finished in 1st Place in the group rounds, will still have a home fixture in the Quarter Finals, however their opponents will be selected at random. All remaining fixtures will be selected at random, similar to the normal Blackout Rugby National Cup.

The Wooden Spoon knockouts will feature the 28 teams that finish in 5th position in the group tables, and will be broken down into Gold, Silver & Bronze.

Tied Fixtures.
If after 80 minutes the scores are tied, the Blackout Rugby tie-breaking rules will be applied, which means there will be extra time followed by a kicking competition.
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Cup   CUP   Cup                      Plate     PLATE    Plate 

Bowl BOWL  Bowl                    Shield   SHIELD   Shield

 Vase   VASE   Vase                     Plaque  PLAQUE  Plaque

Resin   RESIN   Resin

Gold Wooden Spoon                  Silver Wooden Spoon                  Bronze Wooden Spoon
   GOLD        SILVER     BRONZE