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IGTWCC XI Champion Crowned

posted 14 Jan 2014, 00:36 by Site Admin   [ updated 14 Jan 2014, 00:37 ]
In a closely fought battle last night, the pride of Russia, Creamcurry's Hammer And Sickle have overcome triple previous Champions Rab Ragbi Klub, to win his 1st IGTWCC Championship beating the former winners 17 - 10 at the Animal Farm.

In one of the highest kicking games I have seen for a while, the half-time whistle blew with both teams tied on 10 points each, however when Fabian Bradfer slid over for a try in the 63rd minute, he not only won the game for his team, but also picked up a top try scorer medal for his team in Season 20.

Well done to all teams on another great IGTWCC Season.

There were some great matches throughout the finals and at the end of the season these are the standings;

Runner Up - Rab Ragbi Klub (CRO)
3rd Place - Steelhead RFC (CAN)
4th Place - The Titans (ENG) 

IGTWCC XI PLATE WINNER - Partick Crusaders (SCO)
Runner Up - Changwon Pumas (SK) 
3rd Place - Les Bandits Manchots (FRA)
4th Place - 3ème Age (IVC) 

Runner Up - Neanderthals (ENG)
3rd Place - Bob's Bruisers (ENG)
4th Place - Puff Adders (ENG)

Runner Up - Team Gomez (IVC)
3rd Place - StoneCold Legion (ZIM)
4th Place - Shao Lin Sharks (ENG)

Runner Up - Hadestown RFC (NZL)
3rd Place - Tigers Rugby Club (SK)
4th Place - Gouna Goons (RSA) 

Runner Up - Jeet Kune Do RFC (HK)
3rd Place - Samsung Pumas (RUS)
4th Place - NHS Eagles (HK) 

Next we have "The Laboriose Award", which is awarded to the team who I think has shown commitment and effort, and hard work "Above and Beyond" throughout the IGTWCC Tournament. Laboriose is a latin word which is defined as: laboriously, with great effort.

The IGTWCC XI Laboriose Award - Paranoid Androids (ENG)

This season I have awarded the trophy to Paranoid Androids manager Radiohead, who over a number of seasons, I believe has showed the qualities that I look for in a recipient of this prestigious award. 

I hope his continues to grace us with his presence in the IGTWCC & WCC, and I look forward to having him back next season.

This also means that the following teams have qualified to play against the winners of the WCC for the WCC Masters on Thursday of Round 15 if possible, or mutually agreed date, next season if need be, or anytime friendly slot.

CUP - Hammer And Sickle (RUS)
PLATE - Partick Crusaders (SCO)
BOWL - Nafta (ITA)
SHIELD - Badenoch Banshees (SCO)
VASE - Grinders RFC (GEO)
PLAQUE - The Higgs Bosons (HK)

Also the winner of the WCC Cup Masters will play the winner of the Blackout Rugby International Championship (BRIC) for ultimate bragging rights.

Lastly we have the Top Points & Top Try Scorer Awards and the winners were:

IGTWCC XI Cup/Plate Top Points Scorer
1st - Ronan O'Gara - Hammer And Sickle on 232 pts
2nd - Bernardo Madeira - 3ème Age on 208 pts
3rd - Joseph Punter - Changwon Pumas on 192 pts

IGTWCC XI Cup/Plate Top Try Scorer
1st - Dannon Fawkes - Kiwi Overstayers on 13 tries
1st - Carlos Caniggia - Woodward Chile on 13 tries
1st - Fabian Bradfer - Hammer And Sickle on 13 tries

IGTWCC XI Bowl/Shield Top Points Scorer
1st - Pierre-Jean Demoncarville - Norfies on 132 pts
2nd - Azar Zhikin - Neanderthals on 118 pts
3rd - Rhodri Read - Badenoch Banshees on 116 pts

IGTWCC XI Bowl/Shield Top Try Scorer
1st - Keoni Nakaunicina - Mc Lovin on 9 tries

#Nicholas McKay - Badenoch Banshees on 11 tries (Not eligible as 1 fixture against bot team)

IGTWCC XI Vase/Plaque Top Points Scorer
1st - Alphonse Pinto - Grinders RFC on 225 pts
2nd - Ronnie Pullan - Jeet Kune Do RFC on 133 pts
3rd - Adam McCulley - The Higgs Bosons on 132 pts

IGTWCC XI Vase/Plaque Top Try Scorer
1st - Arenui Likiliki - Samsung Pumas on 13 tries
2nd - Revaz Manvelov - Grinders RFC on 11 tries
3rd - Chris Towers - NHS Eagles on 10 tries

Thanks to all managers who took part this are what makes this competition so great.