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IGTWCC XVII Group Rounds Completed

posted 19 Oct 2015, 23:05 by Site Admin   [ updated 19 Oct 2015, 23:05 ]
The IGTWCC XVII Group Rounds have now been completed, and the results and group tables have been updated. This means we move onto the Knockout Round next week, as a reminder, for this season only, the teams who finish top in groups 1-16 will play for the Cup, 2nd the Plate, 3rd the Bowl, 4th the Shield, 5th the Vase and in 6th place, the teams will play for the Plaque trophy.

In the Resin and Jonesy groups (17-24) the finals format remains the same as normal.

Your fixtures are ready to accept HERE, so please do so as soon as practical.

As per usual, failure to accept your fixture by 7.35 PM NZ BR Time on Sunday 25th Oct, will mean that you will forfeit the have been warned

The top scorer sheets have also now been updated and you can see them HERE.

We already have 85 teams signed up for next season, so if you do not want to miss out, you should register HERE as soon as possible.

NB: Next season, we will revert to the Original Format, and the S26 Experiment will NEVER return  

Also please note, that if you enter 2 Teams (this is the maximum number of teams), and both teams are around the same ranking points (Top XV Av CSR), that both teams cannot be in the same Trophy Group eg Cup. If there are around the same ranking, the higher ranked team will be moved into the trophy group above. This is to make it fair for all teams taking part.