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IGTWCC XV (S24) Champion Crowned

posted 6 Apr 2015, 23:43 by Site Admin   [ updated 6 Apr 2015, 23:43 ]
In one of the greatest IGTWCC campaigns I have ever seen Zimbabwe manager Safe Hands has guided his Koodoo Rand Diamond Geezers to their 1st IGT World Club Championship, beating the all powerful Mystical YFront Groove Thing 50 - 24 at the Old Mine Stadium.

After only finishing 3rd in a tough Cup group, Safe Hands boys had a difficult path to the Final, and to come away with a win against razorbladeYfronts team is a fine achievement in any circumstance, but must be especially pleasing to be able to lift the S24 IGTWCC XV Crown

Well done to all teams on another great IGTWCC Season. 

There were some great matches throughout the finals, and a couple that went to extra time, and at the end of the season these are the standings;

IGTWCC XV CUP CHAMPIONS - Koodoo Rand Diamond Geezers (ZIM)
 Runner Up - The Mystical YFront Groove Thing (BRA)
 3rd Place - Jolly Roger Crew (ITA)
 4th Place - Beginners Mind (SCO)

 Runner Up - Partick Crusaders (SCO)
 3rd Place - Flat Eath Society (WAL)
 4th Place - Rab Ragby Klub (CRO)

 Runner Up - Galway French (IRL)
 3rd Place - Atari Teenage Rugby (GER)
 4th Place - Team Gomez (IVC)

 IGTWCC XV SHIELD WINNER - La Raille de Besagne (BEL)
 Runner Up - Den Haag Highlanders (NLD)
 3rd Place - You've Been Outbid (SK) 
 4th Place - N.W.O. Agents (GEO)

 Runner Up - Mount Reynold (ITA)
 3rd Place - Gouna Goons (RSA)
 4th Place - Samurai Bulldogs RFC (JPN)

 Runner Up - Kiwi Understayers (PI)
 3rd Place - TooLong (NLD)
 4th Place - The Slashers (IE)

 IGTWCC XV RESIN WINNER - Hairless Wonders From Africa (GE)
 Runner Up - Delta RFC (SCO) 
 3rd Place - Chicken Invaders (ZIM)
 4th Place - ANC Youth League (RUS)

Next we have "The Laboriose Award", which is awarded to the team who I think has shown commitment and effort, and hard work "Above and Beyond" throughout the IGTWCC Tournament. Laboriose is a latin word which is defined as: laboriously, with great effort.

This season there are 2 recipients of the Laboriose Award, and this season I have awarded the 1st trophy to Koodoo Rand Diamond Geezers manager Safe Hands......for a stellar IGTWCC Season, and as always played with the spirit and enthusiasm, with which the competition was conceived.

The 2nd trophy goes to Bob's Bruisers manager hood2,who has been an IGTWCC regular for countless seasons, and in fact took part in IGTWCC I back in Season 10. He has always shown all the qualities I look for in a recipient of the award, whether winning trophies or getting knocked out early, every season he is back, and is the reasons these competitions are what they are.

 The IGTWCC XV Laboriose Award - Koodoo Rand Diamond Geezers (ZWE)
 The IGTWCC XV Laboriose Award - Bob's Bruisers (ENG)

Last but not least the Wooden Spoon Winners were;

 Gold - Macondo (ITA)
 Silver - The Mullet Mafia (NAM)
 Bronze - Cats An Dogs (CZH)

This also means that the following teams have qualified to play against the winners of the WCC for the WCC Masters, which will take place as Anytime fixtures set by me, after the completion of the WCC

 CUP - Koodoo Rand Diamond Geezers (ZIM)
 PLATE - Alpha Company (SCO)
 BOWL - Busan Marauders RFC (SK)
 SHIELD - La Raille de Besagne (BEL)
 VASE - Cthulu Rugby (PI)
 PLAQUE - Basingwerk Exiles RFC (PI)
 RESIN - Hairless Wonders From Africa (GE)

Also the winner of the WCC Cup Masters will play the winner of the Blackout Rugby International Championship (BRIC) for ultimate bragging rights.

The top points and try scorer sheets have also been updated, and you can see the winners of each division on the Qwik-Link here

Thanks to all for another great IGTWCC Season