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Interview with TheZec

posted 29 Aug 2011, 21:58 by Site Admin   [ updated 12 Sept 2011, 17:36 ]
Over a quiet couple of beers I recently interviewed long time BR Manager TheZec, and he are his answers to my questions.....enjoy.

Q1 ) Name , Age and where are you located ?
 The Zec, 20, England

Q2 ) How long have you been playing BR ?
Too long, I'm a dinosaur mid-season 1 IIRC

Q3 ) Did you or do you still play Rugby in RL and what position?
I went to private school (hence my current nickname of "posh-boy" amongst all my northern colleagues). So I've been playing rugby prettymuch since I was 7. I had knee surgery at 16 though which put me out for a few seasons. Back to it this year though . I had been playing 2nd row before, but honestly have no idea where I'm going to slot in now, since I'm playing in a merit league.

Q4 ) What local or International Rugby team do you support ?
GLAAASSSTTTERRR!!! Nothing quite beats watching a Gloucester win from The Shed.

Natal Sharks too - played in their stadium *brushes dirt from shoulder*. It was a curtain-raiser for Sharks-Crusaders in the last season of Super 12 IIRC Sharks won something like 36-34. Stunning game. I caught our own kick off at the start of our game - probably the best moment of my life to-date

Q5 ) Which is your favourite day, and why in BR ?Tuesday - I love watching my U20 Flyhalf prodigy grow!
I would like to say Thursday too but Junior training depresses me, as any frequent clubroom users will know

Q6 ) What have been some of your highs and lows of your BR career ?

Lows- probably Crashing out of the cup in round 1, season 11 when I cockily played against a slightly worse team on normal.

Highs- Starting the WCC Ball rolling, Getting made a forum mod, releasing Squeeze Ball - the BR England magazine

Q7 ) What is your personal goals for BR , what do u want to achieve like maybe NT manager ?

Actually being a good journalist? And to develop a very good long term system that can see me get better, then stay that good.

Oh, and make Randolph Hambleton the best flyhalf ever.

Q8 ) Name one manager that inspires u or who you really admire and why ?

Probably Pantherus, he's a reassuring presence in the clubrooms and never fails to see both sides of a debate (or an argument )

Q9 ) Name one thing that you would like to change on BR ?

YOUTH TRAINING!   No seriously, go read the suggestion. It needs to happen!

Q10 ) Your Goal for this season ?

I've got a list as long as my arm. But it all boils down to winning matches.

Q11 ) What is your best advise or tip, to young newbie Manager

Don't eat the green wobbly bit!