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Knockout Rd 1 Update

posted 31 Oct 2011, 23:22 by Site Admin
IGTWCC IV Knockout Rd 1 has now been completed and the offsite has been updated.

NB: All fixtures have been entered so please accept them ASAP to avoid any dissappointment like last week.

The Quarter Finals are;

HK Pumas v Woodward Chile
Flatball Players Anonymous v Puss In Boots
Stella Verde v ShrimperZone RFC
Birmingham Tigers v Undeads RFC

Cork Coyotes v Aetna Fires
Dedard Fookers v Gloucester Royals
The Titans v Bob's Bruisers
Flaminio Runners v K.W.W.

Wom's Warriors v T-Hawks
Hammer and Sickle v Fender Benders
Adelaide Marauders RFC v Racing
Killarney RFC v Sasquatch RFC

Mc Lovin v Sylvania Warriors RFC
Mohicans v Besagne Olympique
Brooksy's Babes RFC v Waraira Repano
Badenoch Banshees v Red Nagas

WOODEN SPOON (Knockout Rd 2)

Mighty Fenrisúlfr v Jolly Roger Crew
Liverpool FC v Harmsy's Hammers
Shao Lin Sharks v Wroclaw Titans
Tower Rugby Chemnitz v Kary Mullis R.C.
Bosvelders v Torelli Sudati
Adelaide University v highfield
MagnaRomagna v Sumas Storm
Shanghai All Reds v Perry Pirates

Commiserations must go to the Ashmaster's Crew who lost their fixture to the Cork Coyotes 22-23, in probably the game of the round.

The Ashmaster's Crew who were leading by 1 point at the half, also lead for most of the 2nd half until Alexander Cuddihy of the Cork Coyotes scored a try in the 76th minute, to bring the Irish IGTWCC regulars to within 1 point of their opponents. The kick by Kelleher was to follow;

77:23 Silence falls over the arena as Kelleher focuses on the kick. It's a crucial one. It looks good... and it's there! The Cork Coyotes takes the lead over Ashmaster's Crew by 1 points.

The rest is history !!!!!

Good luck next week.