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Round 4 News

posted 19 May 2015, 23:13 by Site Admin   [ updated 19 May 2015, 23:13 ]
The IGTWCC XVI 4th group round has now been completed, and the results and group tables have been updated.

The top scorer sheets have also now been updated and you can see the Qwik-Link HERE

This week we have been lucky enough to interview Beginners Mind manager qpeace, who kindly answered the questions I sent out.

According to my records, qpeace's team 1st debuted in the IGTWCC in S17 and the WCC in S13, although in S13 his team was called Dyslexics RCF, a name I still find amusing to this day....if not politically correct....or is it :).

But his team quickly made their mark becoming the IGTWCC Champions in S17 and S18 and WCC Masters Cup Champions in S18 as well.

Since then, qpeace's team has added to his trophy cabinet on a regular basis and was named the prestigious WCC Iorwerth Award Winner in S23

He always plays with the spirit and determination I greatly admire in a BR Manager, and I would like to thank him personally for his efforts and answering my questions, and just to say....thanks mate.......your Cheque is in the mail ;)

Q. What keeps you coming back to the WCC or IGTWCC season after season? 
A. Hey man, it's the good vibes- and the excellent competition, and also you, Jonesy

Q. Did you, or do you still play Rugby in real life? If so, what position did you play?
A. I only play touch now, but I used to play in the back row- usually 8

Q. What do you like best about Blackout Rugby? 
A. It's Rugby! and the engine is good

Q. Favourite day of the BR Week ? 
A. Thursday, probably

Q. What have been some of your highs and lows of your BR career ? 
A. Winning the Iorwerth award was a high :) So was winning my first Championship- no real lows

Q. Which managers in the game do you have the most respect for and why? 
A. You, Jonesy.  There are a lot of other smart and nice guys around, but there's only one Jonesy

Q. Name one thing that you would like to change on BR ? 
A. The tone of the clubrooms

Q. Your Goal for this season ? 
A. No real goals, just keep the team fresh 

Q. Would you rather be ranked No.1 in the World or have trained up the best ever player? 
A. Hmmm No 1 in the world, I guess

Q. What is your best advise or tip, to young newbie Manager?
A. If you want to win, be patient, and play in a way that you'll enjoy.