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IGTWCC XVI Round 5 News

posted 28 May 2015, 23:20 by Site Admin   [ updated 28 May 2015, 23:22 ]
The IGTWCC XVI 5th group round has now been completed, and the group tables have been updated.

This means we have reached the halfway stage of the group rounds, and with 4 fixtures left, you need to make sure you finish in the top 4 places of each group to progress onto the knockout Rounds of each trophy group.

If you look at your groups, you will notice that the teams that will at this stage progress onto the regular finals are in white, and the teams in the "Danger Area" are now highlighted in Red. 

Of course, after the 10 group rounds, if you do not make the regular finals, you will have the chance to play for the Gold/Silver or Bronze Wooden Spoon 

We still have a quite a few teams that have navigated through the 1st 5 Rounds undefeated which is a great start to the competition.

In this weeks interview we spoke to Hammers manager Rajahirons who kindly answered my questions.

According to my records, Rajahirons main team 1st debuted in the IGTWCC in S18 and the WCC in S17, and although he has not yet got any IGTWCC Silverware, he has been reasonably successful in the WCC being Plate runner up in S20, S21 and S22...and will no doubt go one better sometime soon.

But it is teams like his that make the comps as good as they can be, by turning up season after season....thanks mate 

1) What keeps you coming back to the WCC or IGTWCC season after season?
IGTWCC - I like it for the In Game Training. I've never tried to win anything in this comp, but it helps me to play every Monday.
WCC - Its always fun to play against similar CSR teams from different communities. I've been part of other Thursday comps, but none of this scale. That's the main reason why I continue to play in it.

2 ) Did you, or do you still play Rugby in real life? If so, what position did you play?
I played 12/15, but it took too much of my time. I ended up playing super league touchies, lots of attacking fun and without all the training. I would've loved to play more real rugby, but its just too time consuming. 

3 ) What do you like best about Blackout Rugby?
I like sport and I like strategic games. There are other managerial games like Football manager which is a lot more complicated, but it does not give you the same type of multi player dimension. 

4 ) Favourite day of the BR Week ?
Training day! 

5 ) What have been some of your highs and lows of your BR career ?
I've won the league, cup and BRNCC in Namibia. I do think my plate win at the U20 WC was one of my best moments. Its definitely different to win something for yourself and winning something for the community. It was also the most stressful day in my BR career. I've got lots of lows, losing against weaker teams. I do hate the fact that Ive got 3 runners up plate trophies in the WCC. 

6) Which managers in the game do you have the most respect for and why?
There is a lot of good managers. I do admire cairnswm for all the work that he puts into the U20's. Razor, Batman, Arphian, Safe Hands and the list goes on of all the managers who have dominated for some time. I do admire Instable Tattoo for his planning and success with both his teams. 

7 ) Name one thing that you would like to change on BR ?
Player Experience - I think its just crazy how it impacts the game. Its just ridiculous that a good youngster can compete with an inferior older player. This weighs heavily in favour of the money/buying teams. 

8 ) Your Goal for this season ?
I've won the BRNCC in Namibia and would like to add the cup and league titles to that. 

9) Would you rather be ranked No.1 in the World or have trained up the best ever player?
I like to do both, so that makes it very difficult to reach the top. I like to have fun with the trainees and I like to compete where I am. My bigger goal is rather to get Namibia help evlove the Namibian community. 

10 ) What is your best advise or tip, to young newbie Manager?
Just play the game and have fun. I think people have become over obsessed to be ranked no 1 or train the best players. I've found its way more fun to get involved in the community and compete at your level.