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WCC Masters

posted 27 Sept 2010, 00:43 by Site Admin
The WCC Committee are pleased to announce that at the end of the WCC & IGTWWC Season 10, the Winners in both competitions will be invited to play for the 
"WCC Masters"trophies in Cup, Plate, Bowl and Shield.

These 1 fixture, finals matches will be held in Round 15, in the Thursday Friendly spot, and should be a fantastic climax to both the WCC and IGTWCC competitions.

As I mentioned there will be 4 WCC Masters trophies up for grabs, so the winners of each competition, could possibly end up with 2 trophies, and the honor or being one of the "Inaugural WCC Masters"

NB: In the unlikely event, that one team wins both the WCC & IGTWCC Cup, Plate, Bowl or Shield, they will automatically be awarded the respective Trophy, and bragging rights can begin.