S49 Plate Groups

Group 5

Guardo Sharks (ESP)

Whalley Wildcats (ENG)

Gunners (SCO)

Squirmy Worms (IRL)

Kiwi Understayers (HSV)

Group 6

The Mince Pie Mafia (KEN)

Hamburger Rugby Club (GER)

RC Wimaolca (FRA)

Expendable Chinchillas (CHI)

Soczi Thrashers (POL)

Group 7

The Din Of Hot Meat (FRA)

Shanghai All Reds (HK)

Old Jackstrappions (ENG)

Berliner Rugby Club (GER)

Andean's Gold Warriors (CHI)

Group 8

Magna Romagna (ITA)

The Titans (ENG)

Den Haag Highlanders (NED)

Kazbek Climbers (GEO)

Seoul City Dragons (SK)

[S49] IGTWCC XXXX - Plate Groups