Plate Groups

Group 5

Snacking Sheep Of Antioch (ENG)

Alpha Company (USA)

Victoria Newcastle (GER)

Piss Artists (NZL)

Guardo Sharks (ESP)

Group 6

Metal Warriors (BEL)

Whalley Wildcats (ENG)

Berliner Rugby Club (GER)

Soczi Thrashers (POL)

The Sound Of Sardines (AUS)

Group 7


Her Majesty's Secret Service (ENG)

Kalahari Leeus (ZIM)

Becks Animals (AUS)

RC Tartan Army Darss (GER)

Group 8

Sussex Exiles (ENG)

RC Wimaolca (FRA)

Painswick Highlanders (ENG)

Parramatta Old Boys (AUS)

The Mince Pie Mafia (KEN)

[S47] IGTWCC XXXVIII - Plate Groups