BR Community Trophies

Here is a small selection of the medals and trophies I have made for managers to be used in BR, in the past few seasons.

The Fun-Sun-Sea Cup

Titans SA CC's

Super Zim Cup

The Mush's Russia v South Korea CC's

Bruce Lee Memorial Challenge

Hong Kong CC Season 14

Ultimate Ruck Competition

South Africa v Community Challenge

Chewbaaka Namibia v Kenya CC Options

Georgia Manager Awards

Roy123123 Black Out World League

TheMush's Russia v Ivory Coast CC

Qochebi Cups

Georgia v Croatia CC

Italy - Australia CC

Jubvan Memorial Award

Russia-Korea Community challenge

Kasato Maru Japan Brazil CC

British Lions Tour of Africa

Germany Community Challenge

TCC South African Challenge Cup

Judds Portugal Tournament

Cup Plate Shield

Americas Championship Cup

Welsh Regions Tournament

Queensland Top 11

The Chaos Cup

Hong Kong Community Challenge

Argentina Challenge

Belgium v Chile v Portugal CC

The Star Cup

Argentina v USA Medal

Hong Kong & Belguim CC

NM's Asia Competition

Janibal's Hamburg Regional Competition Trophy Options

Tri-Managers Australia Challenge

IV Trofeo Ciudad de Córdoba Trophies

Kenya & Hong Kong Community Challenge

The Harry Donovan Cup

Pacific Island Trophies